Employee wellness programs have become a more staple requirement now than ever to attract

top talent, to ensure they are happy, to improve their productivity, reduce absenteeism, grow

positive morale and decrease employee turnover

It acts as a form of preventive care, and results in multiple benefits:

  • Team Engagement
  • Health and Lifestyle check and improvement
  • Improve productivity
  • Rejuvenation
  • Building a community
  • Bring in a fun element in office culture
  • Healthy Competition and Helpfulness
  • Overall wellbeing while keeping it fun
  • (watercooler talk)


THE FTS CW program designed to encourage healthier lifestyle choices for your workplace. We do this in a fun community building manner, encouraging employees to make healthier choices while adding in elements of competitiveness(weekly competitions), experiences (bootcamps, workshops), retreats and aspects of mental well being.

Our CW includes workouts, nutrition and mental wellness, and our services depend on your needs and flexibility. In order to get inĀ  touch and for us to come and pitch a CW plan for you, get in touch here:

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