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How it works:

1. Onboarding 💼

  • Once you agree to come on board and make the payment, we have an induction for about 45 mins. Here, I’ll explain certain things about fitness, exercise, nutrition, and the body, so that you can start making informed decisions as well.
  • I will take you through certain tips and tricks on how to deal with carbs, sugar, alcohol, ordering from out, etc., so that you can lead a well-balanced life. We don’t believe in restrictions.

2. Personalised Planning 📝

  • Post this, we’ll do a 1-1 where I’ll understand your goals, lifestyle, allergies, injuries, etc. and accordingly draw up a nutrition and exercise plan for you to follow on your own.

3. Access via App 📱

  • You will get access to this workout plan and diet via an app, complete with demo videos and instructions, where you can mark your progress and we will track it.
  • You will also be assigned a coach to hold you accountable daily and to provide you with all the support you need to handhold you through this journey.

4. Flexibility 🔄

  • We’re completely flexible to your needs. You can pause when you want for however long, and we can tweak workouts to fit your requirements whenever you feel something is not working for you, so you have absolutely no reason to quit. Your lifestyle comes first; lets optimise everything around it to get to your goals.

5. Detailed Review 📊

  • You then have a detailed review with the FTS Team 3.5 weeks later. We see what worked and what didn’t and then tweak the nutrition and workouts for the next month.
  • While you will start seeing a major difference in a month, we ask that you stay committed to us for at least 3 months to see a massive transformation.

Note 🗒️

  • Inductions are every Wednesday at 9:30 pm and happen in a group setting for all of that week’s intakes. All you have to do is tune in and listen. The 1-1’s are done post that. Please make sure you book your induction here after you pay; you will be redirected to the booking page.
  • This is a remote coaching program for you to follow on your own. There will be demo videos and instructions per movement, and online support but no 1-1 supervision while you are working out in real-time.

FTS Transformation

The signature program where we discuss your lifestyle, injuries, allergies, goals and history, and then program your workouts and nutrition to take you to your goals. No restrictions, we teach you how to navigate, use and manipulate inputs like sugar, alcohol etc to your advantage if it’s part of your life.

FTS Post Partum

This has fast become our speciality. We take into account extra calories for breast feeding, ease the new mom back into the movements, make the workouts easy to do whenever they get the time, and ofcourse take the necessary precautions incase of any ab separation.

FTS Strength Program

Not for the weak hearted, this is a 3 month program aimed to increase strength on your main 5 lifts. You will be eating lots, resting lots and putting on size, by be cautioned the workouts are mentally hard as you will be doing the same lifts over and over again as we increase percentages each week.

FTS Lehnga Bod

Wedding szn fav, exactly like the above but a little more aggressive leading up to d-day; with more emphasis on leaning down for the ladies and more emphasis on filling out the suit for the boys.

FTS Bikini Bod

Have a beach holiday lined up? This one is a quick 2 month shred where we up the ante and get a little more strict with nutrition; but it will pay off to see those cuts shine, on the insta thirst traps


FTS Summer Shred

Have a beach holiday lined up? This one is a quick 2 month shred where we up the ante and get a little more strict with nutrition; but it will pay off to see those cuts shine, on the insta thirst traps



At FTS Fitness, we tailor our programs to suit you specifically.Post your induction, you will be doing a 1-on-1 with Avinash himself. Where he will deep dive into your goals, fitness experience level and history, injuries, allergies, what equipment you have access to and lifestyle,  based on which he will program your workouts and nutrition plan. So whether you are a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an advanced looking to take it to the next level, your FTS journey is catered for you. 

Sign up and make the payment to secure your spot. you will then be redirected to book your Induction. Induction sessions are held every Wednesday at 9:30 pm in a group setting. Your 1-1 will be done post this, between Thursday and Friday. If you cannot make the induction time, we also  have a recording available for you to watch, however we do prefer you’re available live . Your plan will be designed and ready for you by Saturday so you can start on Monday.

After your one-on-one consultation, Avinash will determine the best program for you and the appropriate level of intensity for your fitness journey. Our goal is to coach you in a scientifically sound and sustainable manner. We avoid putting you on extreme programs, such as intensive 4-week no carbs and no sugar regimens, as they can lead to unhealthy habits and potential medical issues and a bad relationship with food. We prioritise your long-term health and well-being.

Post-induction, you will be assigned an FTS coach who is your accountability partner. They are available to handhold you through your journey , keep you motivated and solve any doubts. You also have the option to do a detailed Check-In call with your FTS Coach every week, and at the end of the month, you have a compulsory 1-on-1 review call with the FTS Team to check your progress and plan your future months.

This is a remote coaching program, with demo videos, instructions, and online support provided through the app.While remote training limits direct 1-on-1 supervision, our excellent team will support you throughout your journey. Our coaches are readily available to address any questions and are consistently active on WhatsApp. For exercise form, you can share videos with us, and a coach will provide detailed feedback and corrections. Additionally, if you have access to a gym, you can seek guidance from a floor trainer while following the FTS plan.

We understand that a lot of people need that external push at that moment so what a lot of our clients do is show the plan to their personal trainer or gym floor trainer for that in real time push. Leave the science of programming and nutrition to us.

No, our nutrition plans are non-restrictive and based on what you currently eat daily and foods you have access to. During the initial 1-on-1, we discuss your current lifestyle and eating habits and share non-restrictive nutrition plans. Avinash will take you through tips and tricks on how to manage carbs, sugar, alcohol, and ordering out, so you can lead a well-balanced life.

Your program will be tailored based on the equipment you have access to. If you have access to a gym, great! If not,  you can purchase dumbbells at home which are as good as gym access. If neither, we can also program bodyweight work for you to get to your goals.

We offer complete flexibility with our programs. You can pause your program whenever necessary and resume when you’re ready. This ensures there’s no disruption in your fitness journey. Alternatively we can also plan your workouts according to your travel, we have travel based bodyweight workout plans as well.

Your workout program, nutrition program, and progress tracking will all be done on the FTS App. The FTS App is a versatile tool that helps us track your inputs to guide you better.