Launching our newest program for all you marathoners and new runners who want to take your runs to the next level. Marathon training is often devoid of strength work, and we look to bridge that gap.
This 8 week program will be a combination of running and weighted work designed to improve your breathing, endurance, power, neuromuscular muscular coordination and of course your running time.
You will be doing long runs, tempo runs , interval runs and easy runs interspersed with strength and explosive work via 3 phases.
Phase 1: Base runs + Strength work
Phase 2: Speed runs + Power output work 

Phase 3: Volume runs + Functional work

Other details:
– No. of Days : 6 Days a week (45-60mins)
– Nutrition: Personalised to fuel you through your runs and workouts and keep your macros in check –
Accountability: Group with peeps on the same program & 2 coaches for daily guidance and motivation
– Once a week face to face group run- pre-running drills, short run, core work and post run mobility (depending covid guidelines)
– All levels are welcome. The amount you work will be tweaked according to your experience. – Since everyone is working on the same kind of runs you can buddy up , and also compare your times/distances with others on the program.

 This program will be run by Coach Sneha @mamatoivana who has 15 years of running experience, having participated in two out of the 6 world majors: the New York & Berlin Marathons; and is now prepping for her third this year – The Chicago Marathon.

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