This is our signature remote training personalized program for you to do on your own at your convenience. How it works is once you agree to come on board we do an induction for about 45 mins. Here I’ll explain certain things about fitness, exercise, nutrition and the body, so that you can start making informed decisions as well. I will take you through certain tips and tricks on how to deal with carbs, sugar, Alcohol, ordering from out etc. so that you can lead a well balanced life. As you know we don’t believe in restrictions.

Then I’ll understand your goals, Lifestyle, Allergies, Injuries etc. And accordingly draw up a nutrition and exercise plan for the month. You will get access to this plan and diet via our app where you can mark your progress and we will track it.

You can ask me or my team questions at any time and we will be surprise checking up on you every now and then.

We then have a detailed review 3.5 weeks later . See what worked and what didn’t and then tweak for next month.

Price is 7k a month aka 1 night out of drinking. Lol

*New year offer: 16k for 3 months*

Prices are inclusive of taxes.

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