At FTS Fitness we believe that your fitness journey has to be one you embark and enjoy for the rest of your life . We tailor each fitness journey based on science and your existing lifestyle, so you never have that urge to quit.


We don’t believe you have to give up sugar or alcohol or carbs or dessert or have to eat during certain timings. We prescribe everything in moderation in accordance to your body goals and requirements. Your nutrition needs to be all inclusive, and then only will you be able to stick to it; the moment you have conditions of exclusion whether types of food or timings, you’re developing a bad relationship with food.


Our workout programmes are custom made according to your body type and goals, and target your muscles and energy systems to quickly adapt and improve. Whether it is fat loss, muscle gain, stamina, endurance, or strength training, our programmes ensure progressive overload to make sure the body hasn’t adapted to your routine. If you’re putting in the work, might as well make it count. Constant Renovation💫.


We do not put a timeline on fitness, so don’t ask us how long our program is for. You continue with us till either you are satisfied with your body OR till you’re dissatisfied with our programming. There will come a time where either you have reached your goal, or you have learnt to listen to your body so well that you won’t need us anymore and we strive for that.


As lockdown opens we will look to host retreats, bootcamps, nightlife experiences and much much more that brings to you the balance we believe in.


No quick fixes or magic, just a little dedication and patience. If you can’t do it everyday it’s not worth it. That is the FTS way.


We offer personalised workouts and nutrition plans  based on your requirements, lifestyle, injuries , allergies and goals. All for you to do at your own time delivered via our app. Start your Transformation Journey now!


1-1 Physical Personal Training

Exactly like our Remote Program, except we send one of our trainers to be there, if you lack that self motivation to physically push you and check your form. This can be done Online or at a Physicial Location ( Your house or our affiliated centers).

Workout (Dm for deets)

FTS FYRE - Bootcamps/Shred Sesh

Join our super fun group strength and conditioning bootcamps across Mumbai. Meet new people and burn those cals away.


The FTS Strength Program

This is a 3 month cyclic program aimed at increasing your lift numbers resulting in more strength and size. Its broken into 3 phases and is hella tough.


The FTS Strengthen Your Run Program

For all you marathoners and new runners who want to take your runs to the next level. Marathon training is often devoid of strength work, and we look to bridge that gap.


FTS Corporate Wellness

We add a little fun and competitiveness to the water cooler talk. Aimed at building a community, increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, encouraging team building, all while improving health and wellbeing.



Fitcations are the new vacations. Sign up for our domestic and international retreats as you unwind and get fit while doing it. Great workouts, amazing company, beautiful views and sumptuous food.

Vacay !


Join our FTS Community and attend our club nights, pop-ups and workshops across all genres. Featuring your favourite trainers, clubs djs,  and studios, come chill with.



We love to give back to our community so get yourself discounts on merch and Fitness products with our collaborative partners.

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